Thooya Malli Rice (B)

Thooya Malli Rice (B)





Thooya Malli Rice (B)

Thooya Malli rice (B) is an ancient Tamil rice variety that is as white as a jasmine flower, hence the name “thooyamalli”. It is entirely filled with nutrients. This rare rice also helps to strengthen the nerves. Some experts say it delays the aging process of internal organs. It keeps the mind and skin active and healthy!

Facts about thooya malli rice (b)

The rice is originated in Tamil Nadu, Yet most of us have no knowledge of it. The rising demand for the popular rice varieties overshadowed this traditional and healthy rice variety.

Sadly, it was a staple rice variety once. As we know, Thooya means pure in Tamil and Malli means jasmine. The grains resemble the buds of the jasmine flower, and the smell is also similar!

Why thooyamalli rice?

Thooyamalli rice builds nerve strength and boosts the immune system. Hence, the hardworking farmers of Tamil Nadu have always preferred this rice variety. In recipes like biryani, it adds an extra fragrance. This rice is easy to grow. Interestingly, it has a tendency to win against pests. It contains essential nutrients for humans and also increases eyesight and nerve strength.

Why Yaadhum?

Yaadhum is a community that believes in health and happiness. We believe that health is a social issue and not just about an individual. So we procure natural groceries and products grown naturally by small-scale farmers and producers. Likewise, this traditional rice is completely natural and has multifold health benefits.


Carb 79g. Prot 6.4g. Fat 0.4g. Cals 346 / 100g

Apart from this, there are other benefits
  • Helps in digestion

With an extraordinary fiber content, this rice helps in digestion. It has a tendency of freeing the bowels and also improves intestinal digestion. As a result, it increases immunity and heals internal organs.

  • Helps in weight reduction

Above all, thooyamalli rice is rich in protein, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iron. And it helps our body in many ways, mainly in weight reduction.  So the carbs present in this rice are in the right amount for maintaining weight.

  • Helps in boosting calcium

Actually, this rice can boost the calcium and protein content of the body. It is also useful for lactating mothers, sportspeople, and children. As it can be digested easily, it is often called good fat.

Thooyamalli rice recipe

Thooyamalli rice – 1 tumbler, Beans – 10, Capsicum – 2, Garlic – 10 pods, Green chilies – 2, Carrot (small) – 2, Cinnamon stick, Ghee – 2 tsp, Cloves – 2.

  • Firstly, soak the thooyamalli rice for half an hour and filter it. 
  • Meanwhile, Sauté the vegetables in oil and add some salt.
  • Add ghee to a pan and sauté the spices. In addition, put some vegetables to the mix.
  • Now add rice with two cups of water, and pressure-cook on a slow flame.
  • Finally, serve the healthy and tasty thooyamalli biryani with raita!

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