Sprouted Ragi Flour – MulaIkattiya Kelvaragu Maavu 1kg

Sprouted Ragi Flour – MulaIkattiya Kelvaragu Maavu 1kg

Ragi Puttu is a south Indian dish mainly for Kerala and Tamil Nadu. 100% pure and natural ragi milled as flour. It gives instant energy to our body. Good for bone strength, Heart, Reduce cholesterol, Keeps the sugar level constant. It helps to speed up the Nervous system function. For more details see the description.





Puttu flour (maavu)
Puttu is a common breakfast dish in south india mainly in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Kolla puttu gives the real traditional tasty breakfast of Kerala.
Puttu flour (maavu) is 100% made from Ragi(Finger millet). Nothing is added to extend the life span of the puttu flour. It’s 100% pure organic grown ragi milled as flour.

Varieties of puttu flour
– Ragi puttu flour
– White rice puttu flour
– Red rice puttu flour

Ragi Puttu health benefits
Puttu instantly gives a great source of energy to our body. Good for bone strength, it helps to lower the blood pressure, lower the risk of obesity and also lower the cholesterol level in the body. This helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. it’s supplies essential amino acids, and its support for gluten free diet.it speeds up the nervous system. Keeps the blood sugar level constant.

Ragi Puttu Nutrition facts
Puttu contains a high level of antioxidants, carbohydrates, protein and is rich in vitamin A,B6.
Iron, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate is the mineral content present high in puttu.

Puttu ingredient
– Puttu flour
– Water
– Salt
– Coconut
– Sugar.

How to cook tasty puttu?
1.Take a bowl and the puttu flour you require.
2.Boil some amount of water.
3.Take the boiled water and pour some amount into the puttu flour. 
4.And mix it with your fingertips.
5.Make the flour a moist and clumsy texture.
6.Break all the lumbs flour.
7.Now take kolla puttu steamer. First, fill some amount of grated coconut, and fill some amount of puttu flour, repeat the same process and fill the entire kolla vessel.
8.steam it for 10 min. after opening the kolla steam and press out the steamed puttu outside on the banana leaf.
The tasty and healthy kolla puttu is ready.

Puttu recipes
White rice puttu, Ragi puttu, Corn puttu, Red rice puttu, Oats puttu, Wheat puttu, Bajra(kambu) puttu.

Puttu side dish
Chana masala gravy, kadala curry, Peas curry, Cherupayaru curry.

How or where to store the puttu flour?
store the puttu flour in a food safety plastic container or glass jar. Place the container on the shelf. Use the flour within 15 to 20 days. Because we did not add any chemicals to extend the life of the flour. It is 100% pure and naturally grown ragi milled as flour.

How to check the freshness of the flour?
The most common way to check the freshness of flour is to smell the flour. If the flour is fresh it means there is a neutral odor. If the flour has expired, it means that there is a strange smell. We are not adding any chemicals to extend the life of the flour . so, use the flour within 15 to 20 days.

Regional Name
Tamil – புட்டு -ராகி புட்டு
English – pudding – Finger Millet pudding
Malayalam – pudding – para pudding
Telugu – pudding – Raki Pudding
Kannada – puding – kallina puding
Hindi – puding – Rokee puding

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Weight 1.07 kg
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