Poongar rice kozhukkatai flour (maavu)-1kg

Poongar rice kozhukkatai flour (maavu)-1kg

Kozhukattai is one of the traditional sweet of India.100% made up of pure and natural grown rice grind as kozhukattai flour. It’s a healthy food. Helps for weight loss and reduce cholesterol. Rich in protein, vitamin’s. For more details check the description.

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Poongar Rice kozhukattai flour

Kozhukattai is one of the traditional sweets of India.  especially during festival time like Vinayagar chathurthi, diwali etc.. Poongar rice kozhukkatai flour (maavu) is 100% made up of naturally grown rice. No other artificial chemical is added in the flour to extend the life span of the flour.

Varieties of kozhukattai flour
– Poongar rice kozhukattai flour
– White Rice kozhukattai flour
– Kambu kozhukattai flour
– Thinai kozhukattai flour
– Wheat kozhukattai flour

Kozhukattai Health benefits

Kozhukattai is healthy food. it helps to reduce weight and cholesterol.

Kozhukattai Nutrition fact

Kozhukattai consists of carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins.
High presence of vitamin A & C.
In kozhukattai, The presence of mineral contents are iron, calcium, sodium, and potassium.
Poongar kozhukattai flour contains high fiber content. So, it’s good for constipation sufferers. It is also good for the diet following people.

Kozhukattai Ingredients
– kozhukattai flour
– water
– salt
– jaggery
– coconut
– cardamom
– roasted bengal gram (pottu kadalai)

How to cook special poongar rice kozhukattai for vinayagar chathurthi?
1.Take a bowl and add the required amount of Poongar rice kozhukkatai flour.
2.Boil some amount of water.
3.pour the boiled water in the Poongar rice kozhukkatai flour and mix it well like a ball.
4.After the fine mixing. Close the bowl with a plate or cotton cloth and keep it resting for 15 min. 
5.In that 15 min you should prepare the sweet stuff for the kozhukattai.
6.Smash the jaggery and cardamom and mix it.                        
7.Grated the coconut. And add roasted bengal gram to that and milled it.
8.Mix the milled coconut and roasted bengal gram to the jaggery and cardamom.
9.Now you take the kozhukattai flour and shape it like a small circle.and stuff the jaggery mix inside and close it. Keep doing the process for the entire kozhukattai flour.
10.After that, take all the stuffed kozhukattai and place it in the steam cooker or in the idli pot.
11.Steam it for 10 min. And
The healthy and tasty sweet is ready.

Kozhukattai recipes
Sweet stuff kozhukattai, Milk(paal) kozhukattai, Coconut milk kozhukattai, Uppu kozhukattai, Sweet pidi kozhukattai, Kara pidi kozhukattai, Kara ammini kozhukattai, Palm kozhukattai, Ellu pidi kozhukattai, Ulunthu kozhukattai, Groundnut kozhukattai.

How (or) where to store kozhukattai flour?
Store the kozhukattai flour in the food safety plastic container or in the glass jar kept the
Container in the cupboard. Use the flour within 15 to 20 days. Because we didn’t add any chemicals to extend the life span of the flour. It’s a 100% pure and natural grown rice milled kozhukattai flour.

How to check the freshness of the flour?
The most common way to check the freshness of the flour is by smelling the flour. If the flour is fresh it means there is a neutral smell. If the flour is expired it means there is a clumsy smell.

Regional Name
Tamil – கொழுக்கட்டை
English – dumpling
Malayalam – kozhakatta
Telugu – modakam or kudumu
Kannada – kadubu
Hindi – kojhukattee.

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Weight 1.07 kg
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