Poongar Rice (boiled) 1kg

Poongar Rice (boiled) 1kg

Poongar rice is an ancient and traditional rice variety in Tamil Nadu. It’s good for Women during pregnancy time and also for the lactating mother’s. It has a low glycemic index. It’s really a gift for the people who follow a diet. for more details scroll down and see in the description.





Poongar rice

Poongar rice is one of the ancient and traditional organic rice for Tamilians. It is vaguely reddish in color.in the ancient times it was called as Arubadhamkodai. In the Later period it came to be known as Poongar rice. IT is one of the traditional paddy varieties and this rice is a short duration crop of paddy varieties. The rice is suitable for cultivation in all seasons of the year, this poongar paddy can be cultivated three times a year in all types of soils, all over Tamil Nadu.

How is poongar rice cultivated?
Is by natural farming and it is grown in all types of soil in Tamilnadu.it cultivates in Navarai December to march . It grows in the harsh summer season and also it grows in the heavy rain, flood places also.

Poongar rice varieties
– Hand Bounded (Kaikuthal)
poongar rice.
– Poongar Boiled rice.
– Poongar Non Boiled rice.
– Poongar Flakes (Aval).
– Poongar rice F

Poongar rice Benefits

Common Benefits
– Poongar rice increases the immunity power and also the hemoglobin level in the blood cells.
– Poongar rice eliminates cholesterol and unwanted water in our body.
– Poongar rice reduces and maintains the sugar content in our body at the normal level.and it helps to recover from celiac diseases.
– Hand Bounded (kaikuthal) poongar rice is highly fibers so it good for the digestive system and also helps for the constipation sufferers.

Benefits for women’s
Poongar rice is also called women’s rice(pengalin arisi-பெண்களின் அரிசி). Because the poongar rice is mainly used for women during the pregnancy time for vaginal delivery. And for the lactating mothers. It’s a good medicine for women’s hormonal issues and menstrual issues.

For the diet people’s
Generally in India, rice is an unavoidable part of daily meals. For this reason, your first and best choice is to prefer poongar rice for your diet plan. Because poongar rice have low calories, rich in protein and highly fibers. so, poongar rice is a good choice for your diet plan.

Nutrition fact in poongar rice
Poongar rice contains low calories, low glycemic index, high fibers, high proteins and vitamin B1.

Low Calories
So this rice is mainly used for the diet plan.

Low Glycemic index
It reduces and maintains the sugar level and keeps it healthy. And also used to weight loss.

Highly Fibers
It’s a good medicine for the constipation sufferers.

Highly protein
It is used to improve the bones, muscles strength.it is good for the digestive system for easy digestion. Also good for the skin cells. also for repair the tissues and eliminating the damaged tissues.

Vitamin B1
Vitamin b1 is good for the stomach ulcer and stomach related problem.

Benefits of Anthocyanin present in poongar rice
– It has the capacity to control the blood pressure to suit the human body.
– It improves visual acuity.
– Reduce the cancer cells.
– It inhibits tumor formation.
– Good for the diabetes patients.

Benefits of Antioxidants present in poongar rice
Scientifically proved that red rice(poongar rice) has a higher antioxidant level than brown rice.
It reduces the risk of heart diseases including certain cancer cells.

Iron, Zinc, Magnesium and Molybdenum present in poongar rice
– I
ron content is good for preserving vital function in our body.
– Zinc is mainly used to increase and boost the immunity and the muscles power.
Magnesium supports metabolism and it helps for good sleep.
Molybdenum circulates the protein to our entire body parts.

How much poongar rice should you eat per day?
If you consume poongar rice as 3 times a meal a day you should eat 275 to 325 gm. Now you will get a question. For normal rice we eat 225 to 325 gm per day. But, what does it mean?, we should eat poongar rice 275 to 325 gm. Because poongar rice is highly fiber so it digests easily .For this reason only you should eat extra then the normal rice.

which is the correct time to eat Poongar rice?
You can eat poongar rice for the evening snack and also you can eat poongar for dinner.

How to check the quality of the rice? (or) How to buy a quality rice?
For these question, you can use the following steps to check the quality of the rice.
– By checking the uniformity, shape and color of the rice.
– Concentrate on the rice texture.
– Check the rice that doesn’t have lice.
– Buy the rice in a trustable store.
– you should also check where the shopkeeper store the rice.
After following this process of checking you get to buy the rice.

where we store the rice at home?
At home you can store the rice in a food safe plastic (PETE) container or in a glass jar and close it tightly.

How to cook poongar rice?
– Soak the rice for 7 to 8 hrs in pure water before you cook.
– Wash it in clean water.
– If you take one cup of poongar rice you have to pour 3 cups of water.
– Wait for the whistle(5 to 7 whistles regarding your soaking time). And off the flame and wait for the pressure to release.
– After this process the tasty and healthy meal is ready.

Recipes in poongar rice
Some of the recipes are poongar rice idli, dosa, kanji, idiyappam and kozhukattai.

Regional name
English – Poongar rice
Tamilபூங்கர் அரிசி
Telugu – Pungar biyyam
Malayalam – punkar ari
Kannada – Pungar akki
Hindi – pungar chaaval

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