Moong Dal 500g

Moong Dal 500g







History is evident that the first human food has been pulses or lentils. Among them, one MOONG DAL enjoys a versatile significance in the human diet.  Moong Lentil is it’s another name. This pulse consists of energy, proteins, vitamins, and other healthy minerals more than found in beef and other foods we conventionally use at our dining table.  Alongside improving metabolism rate, they make the body realize full after being used.  It was one of the first diets of human beings, it shares to control your weight. It gives improvement to heart health. They are full of potassium and iron that are essential for the body.  Its yellow kind is one of the best pulse full of healthy ingredients.  Potassium gives helps in lowering blood pressure and saves us from cramping of muscles.


MOONG DAL contains a suitable quantity of protein. It enjoys multiple merits.  Both its calories and proteins comprise 212 calories & 14.2 grams of protein.   The rate of supply of fiber and fat is approx. 15.5 and 0.768 grams every single cup when boiled in water.  In advanced societies, people want a big quantity of protein in their food. It also enjoys a long-range of significant vitamins. It is full of Calcium, Potassium, and many other components of Vitamin “B” Complex like folate, etc.

Our body uses dietary fiber that reduces cholesterol levels. It saves complexities of constipation and diverticulosis, so it is rich in that.  Because a high fiber food lets us realize full of less diet, thus it helps avoid overeating.  Similarly, Vitamin “B” Complex being important contains vitamins help our body. It produces glucose having broken carbohydrates so that fuel may be produced for our body’s uses.  Folic Acid supports our brain for proper functioning and plays a role in creating DNA.  It is also essential for the brain and emotions.


Moong Dal also retains fund of antioxidants + caffeic acid + cinnamic acid + phenolic acid + flavonoids and multiple more significant for our body health.   Flavonoids neutralize free radicals being disastrous molecules in the human body.  The beans are a big channel of vitamin B that supports us in maintaining our brain health.


In Asian Cuisines and particularly in Indian cuisines, lentils are fairly used as a dish which is so delicious that even western tastes demand more and more.  Here a variety of lentils are used. Moong Lentil is one of the vastly used and prepared differently to serve especially to the visitors. Ayurveda uses moong lentil.  It’s Khichri sans is one of the most popular dishes in an array of Indian Foods.  From Moong Lentil, Moong Sprouts makes delicious recipes as well. Here are some of the tasty moong lentil recipes:

  • Moong Dal Khichri
  • Moong Dal Cheela Recipe
  • Payasam Recipe
  • Moong Dal Dosa
  • Ven Pongal Recipe
  • Punjabi Sabut Recipe

Interesting facts of moong dal

The poor families of Asia use Moong lentil or Moong Dal. Their families consist of several members and the parents or heads of an adverse family.  They are unable to afford them meat, poultry, or fish every day. So to economize their dining table, they use moong Lentil. It has a less price and make a relishing recipe.  It saves the lower class from starvation.  The feature is unavoidable. The civilized Indians and Asians as a whole to economize their family feeding use lentils but prominent among these dishes.  Its main reason is that they believe that it’s a light diet that keeps us away from diseases and easily digestible and affordable, while other items are costly and not easily available nearby one’s residence.

The economy of dining is not only the purpose of Moong dal.  The celebrities of the city or town had their recipes from moong dal in auspicious ceremonies.  Here the people like so prepared dishes extraordinarily and enjoy it fully at such functions.  If the poor serve it at important functions due to the economy, quite contrarily the rich serve it as a posh cultural tradition where the guests prefer eating this recipe to an outclass Barbecue or so.




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