Mappillai Samba Rice 1kg

Mappillai Samba Rice 1kg





Mappillai Samba Rice

 Mappillai Samba Rice is an Indian indigenous produce , grown in Tamil Nadu.  It is also called Bride Groom Rice.  This crop is a rice species that need or hardly a little fertilizers or pest control medicines. It cultivar normally takes 160 days to mature.  Unfortunately, today our farmers have what hinders the way. Grow it as its farming either has been curtailed from fields and market or has absolutely disappeared.  Once there was also a time when the kings, during Sangam time, mapillai Samba rice (Half-boiled dish) is a serving dish to their invitees and guests.  However, after Green Revolutions this variety of Rice was either entirely lost or got exceptional.

There were days when a the native ritual was essential and common. Sports were executed to display physical strength and a newly-married bridegroom was wished by his mother-in-law to show his physical force.  By lifting a rock and on success, she cooked and served a dainty dish of Rice having top nutritional worth. mapillai Samba Rice is one of those varieties that was mostly cooked and served.


The best suited season for sowing Mappillai Samba Rice within and late Samba i.e. during 15th Jul’ to 14th Jan’ & 15th Sept’ to 14th Feb’ every year. It needs Clayey Soil and Sandy Clay Soil to be sown and which is sown Aug’ to Jan’ period is actually referred as Samba Rice.  Also, this variety takes a little longer period to grow when compared to others.  It suits well to organic farming as it needs neither fertilizers nor pest-killing drugs. The sowing of mappillai samba is predominant in Tamil Nadu. This crop is farmed at least for 3 months in a year, with night temperature of above 60 degrees

  • It is a tropical crop and needs a temperature of 20 and 27 Centigrade during the seasonal period
  • Plenty of sunshine it needs while thriving
  • It needs a minimum of rainfall of 115 cm during the thriving period
  • It needs fertilizers replete with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
  • As compared to other cereal crops needs more labor in the cultivation


  • mapillai Samba Rice variety helps improve digestion. In addition it treats mouth ulcer. Diabetic sufferers can potentially consume this variety of Rice.
  • mapillai Samba Rice helps enhance hemoglobin content
  • It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the strength of the brain
  • A particular feature that mapillai Samba Rice has is it helps emits body heat.
  • Its nature is fibrous hence plays a pivotal role to prevent gastrointestinal
  • Another salient feature of it is that it combats and repels heart diseases.
  • It is a big channel of carbohydrates


Choose the best brands of rice before purchase.  Find the credible store for manual purchase to look the rice storage and its hygienic cleaning. Don’t believe the information inserted on the package. Sometimes manufacturers alter ingredients. .  Don’t solely rely upon exaggerated product packing and stuff.  Before purchase consumption, don’t forget to read labels, warnings, and directions. If they satisfy you and buy it with full confidence.


Energy – per 100 gram  -300 KCAL (Nutritional Value)

Protein                            – 6 gram

Carbohydrates               – 74 gram

Dietary fiber                  – 3 gram

Fat                                   – 0 gram

mapillai Samba Rice is highly rich in Fiber Content and Vitamin B1.  The antioxidants enhance hemoglobin and constructs immune mechanism in the body.  Therefore, there is also a content of selenium. It ensures prevent cancer of the colon and intestine.


To store mapillai Samba Rice, implement the following directions:

Keep the food dry, fresh and clean.  Keep it away from food contamination with bacteria or moisture.  You must make available reusable food storage containers that are economical and environmentally friendly.  It is essential to have a food storage locker.


The bulk producers (districts) of mappillai Samba:

  • Trichy
  • Thanjavur
  • Triruvarur
  • Nagapattinam
  • Tiruvannamalai
  • Villupuram

How to eat?

To make gluten-free mappillai Samba Rice:

  • Rinse the grains in water and let them soak for 90 minutes
  • Put the utensil on the stove with water and boil it
  • When water boils, add the washed and then soaked grains into it
  • Keep the flame slow
  • Remove all the water and check the rice. Add some water if needed to cook again. keep repeating. This practice often takes 30 to 45 minutes. Now the recipe is ready to serve.

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