Idiyappam Flour 500g

Idiyappam Flour 500g

Idiyappam flour- 100%pure rice, Naturally grown and freshly milled flour. good for health mainly for diabetes people. high rich mineral content, proteins, and fiber. cholesterol free, low glycemic index. for more details check the description.





Idiyappam Flour
Idiyappam is a common breakfast as well as a dinner dish for south India, especially for Tamilnadu and Kerala. Idiyappam is also known as nool appam, nool puttu.
Idiyappam flour (maavu) is 100% made out of rice. Not adding any preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, etc. it’s 100% pure and natural.

Varieties of idiyappam flour
– White rice idiyappam flour
– Red rice idiyappam flour
– Ragi idiyappam flour
– Kambu idiyappam flour

Idiyappam health benefits
Idiyappam is a good and healthy dish. The glycemic index is low in idiyappam .So, It’s good for diabetes patients and also to manage blood pressure.

Idiyappam nutrition facts
Idiyappam consists of carbohydrates, rich in fiber and vitamins.
Is a cholesterol-free dish, and it gives a high source of energy to our body.
Iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and zinc are the mineral content present in idiyappam

Idiyappam Ingredients
– Idiyappam Flour
– Water
– Salt

How to cook idiyappam?
– Take one bowl and put the flour which you require.
– Boil some amount of water.
– Pour the boiled water into that idiyappam flour and mix it and combine like a ball.
– Cover the bowl with a cotton cloth or plate and rest it for 15 min.
– After 15 min, load the idiyappam flour in the idiyappam press and press the idiyappam string onto the idli plate.
– And place the plate in the steamer and steam it for 10 min.
You can also do the same process in the Idiyappam cooker, Idli pot, etc.
The healthy and tasty food is ready.

Idiyappam recipes list
Biryani idiyappam, Masala idiyappam, Kothu idiyappam, Idiyappam upma, Veg idiyappam, Chicken idiyappam, Prawn idiyappam, Mutton idiyappam, Non veg idiyappam,  Fried Idiyappam, Idiyappam lemon sevai, Tamarind idiyappam sevai, Egg idiyappam.

Idiyappam side dish list
Coconut milk, Kadala curry, Veg kurma, Egg curry, White veg kurma, Potato stew, Moong dal curry, Veg paya, Non Veg paya, Channa gravy, Tomato kurma, Chicken curry, Mutton curry. Non Veg gravy.

How (or) where to store the flour?
Naturally and organically grown grains are prone to catch worms. Our flours are not chemically treated to prevent worms and increase shelf-life. The nice way to prevent the flour from the insect. put the flour in the glass or metal container. Place the container in the darkest place or inside the cupboard. Use our fresh-milled flours within 15 to 20 days for their freshness and nutrition richness.

 How to identify freshness (or) quality of the flour?
The best way to check the freshness of flour is by appearance and smell. The fresh flour has a neutral smell. The expired flour has an unpleasant smell .If the flour catches moisture, it will form lumps. By this way you can check the freshness or quality of the flour.

Regional name
Tamil – இடியாப்பம்
English – string hoppers
Malayalam – iṭiyappaṁ
Telugu – Iḍiyappaṁ
Kannada  – Iḍiyappaṁ

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