Gir Cow Ghee 500ml

Gir Cow Ghee 500ml

Ghee 500ml 385Rs + Packaging container 30Rs






Gir Cow Ghee offers a variety of magical health advantages and is more expensive than common Vedic Ghee. If and when compared with other Desi (native) Species as it has market demand.  Consumers don’t ask for other brands but Gir Cow Ghee’s brand.  The reason for its expensiveness is that consumers consider it superior to all breeds of Ghee and are prepared even to pay a higher price for it.  This Ghee is obtained from Desi Cows (native) found in many forestry areas in the districts of Gujarat State in India. Gir Cow ghee is a “Taste of India”.  From cow’s milk, secondary products are separated, like yogurt and butter.  A certain amount of milk is boiled and then cooled.  A spoonful of curd is mixed with it (fermentation or yeasting) and let it convert into yogurt overnight.  The curd is then further churned to make butter.

It is known that the best milk-cattle species hails from India, whose milk-feeding capacity is also more than any other species.  Today, Gir Cow Ghee is also the first choice of Indian cooking. The cattle experts propose that the Desi (native) cattle either a cow, goat, camel, or buffalo excels the rest of all the cattle in almost every feature of the benefit of domestication.  Thus, Gir Cow Ghee is an extraction from Desi cow, so it has countless health components that play a vital role in protecting, maintaining, and improving health and giving smooth and soft expression to skin and the human body.


One of the biggest channels of obtaining Gir Cow Ghee is cattle farming.  The cattle are technologically domesticated in sheds/huts constructed in the countryside or in the outskirts of the city. In several hundred and thousands for commercial purposes. They are given as much a superior diet (especially to the milk-giving animals like cows etc.) as can keep them disease-free. It makes them more milk-giving and also, for a certain period, they are set free to enjoy grazing grass in the desert. During which they graze such species of herbs and weeds that consist of rare and precious natural minerals, having features of making them more milch species.  Among the cattle, the Gir Cow breed is considered to be a hub of mulching that is used for the preparation of Gir Cow Ghee.

After long grazing, the animals get tired and driven out into their sheds again. So for night long they ruminate (chew).  During this natural process of rumination, all the minerals so obtained during grazing mix with milk and when used by us naturally they enhance power in our body. Milk the cows in the early morning. Get liters of milk, sold out to the public as well as supplied to leading milk traders at a high commercial scale. Finally, we consume.  Plenty of healthy fat-soluble Vitamins B1 we intake that help keep us healthy and well.


The healthy fat-soluble vitamins present in this Ghee are the main facilitator to absorb nutrients within a diet having a vital value for health.  Gir Cow Ghee also plays a vital role medically in the treatment of ulcers and constipation, and at the same time improves the health of the eyes and skin.  Also, Gir Cow Ghee treats burns and blisters.  An appropriate amount of Vitamins A2, E, D  also enhances the body’s immunity and constructs entire immunity stamina.  Likewise, the quantity of vitamin D that exists in it takes care of bone health.  For its quality of caring human health, it seems to have been the most nutritious choice among the consumers.  Before purchase, we can recognize Gir Cow Ghee.  How? Pour a little amount into a spoon and heat it on a gas flame. The pure one will turn dark brownish.


First, look for an authentic and credible Cow Ghee Store and then the brand and within these multiple options in front, select the best one like Amazon the brand of whose Cow Ghee is credible, affordable, and nutritious.  Buy this without any doubt or fear.  Second, check its purity.  How?  Melt it in a pan, use medium flame for a little while.  If it melts at one and turns brownish, it is pure, otherwise an imitation.  Third, contact those milkmen who own their own cattle for family use if you happen to physically buy it.  Make him/her milk the cattle in front of your eye.


The Gir Ghee has multiple Vitamins but listed below should be in it:

A2, E.D & Omega 3 ensures to boost the body immunity.

Vitamin D ensures to maintain and strengthen bones

Ghee should contain more calories and fat

It should contain a proper amount of protein

Similarly, vitamins and minerals should exist in it


Storage is up to a year, even more, if no smell or appearance changes.  But to use it within a specific period = 1 year.  The best utensil to preserve Gir Cow Ghee is a well-tightened glass container.  Store in a plastic container well but while taking it out of the container ensure the spoon is clean and dry. To preserve this, you should ensure that the jar you use to preserve it is both water and steam-free.  Avoid keeping it beside the steaming stovetop.  If it is tainted with diet or water, it needs to be refrigerated and thus get ready for use.


Being a conventional Ghee, it has a lot of features and health-supporting tools and ailments-combating components, it is an extra-loved. It is a prominent addition to recipes from breakfast to dinner. This product may have better health benefits than the average cows’ milk.  This reason may be a verified justification to use Gir Cow Milk.


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