Chenna Dal 500g

Chenna Dal 500g







Chenna Dal is a member of the pea family that comes from an annual Asian plant named Cicer Arietinum. Moreover, It is a widely cultivated edible seed present on the Globe which, is also known as baby chickpeas. It only gets perfect for eating after it gets split from the middle and then polished. Often, many people get confused & think of it as a small kernel or sweet corn.

It is one of the most famous recipes in Indian Culture. People from there not only produce this bean in a large quantity, but they also consume it in bulk. According to them, it is the most delicious dish containing all the nutrients & celeries. Not only that, but because of its easy digestibility, it got famous in many Asian countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc. It can also be used in soups, salads, curries, dal making, as a sweet, & in rice.


One of the frequently asked questions regarding Chenna Dal is its benefits or advantages. Many people desperately want to know, what are the benefits of Chenna Dal? To help those people, here are some of its amazing benefits:

Reduce Cholesterol 

A diet consisting of baby chickpeas is perfect for the heart. Many researchers believe it reduces bad cholesterol present in the human body. Not only that, but according to Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism, it plays a significant role in the development of core in human beings.

Protein Serving 

Chenna Dal helps the body to get all the protein required to fix any damaged muscle. However, people who want strong muscles eat at least 100 grams of it containing 13 grams of protein. To sum up, for those who are vegetarian & want muscular health, it is a great source of energy & protein.

Healthy Bones 

We all know, how essential calcium is to make our body & bones stronger. Therefore, people who hate milk can eat Chenna Dal to make their bones stronger.

Increase Satiety

To sum up, in all the previous benefits, we only talked about how it helps your body to become stronger & build muscles. But in this benefit, we will talk about how it can help reduce weight. So, the fiber-rich & organic dal is excellent in reducing weight. It generates the feeling of satiety in beings to make them consume fewer calories.

Folate Richness 

Above all,  one of the most important benefits of this Dal is it helps in disease prevention. On the other hand, it contains folic acid which plays a significant role in the prevention of diseases like stroke, depression, dementia, & many others.





Most importantly, the benefits that come out of it are because of its richness in nutrition. So, it is really significant to look at facts related to nutrition.


100 Gram Chenna Dal Serving


Values of Nutrition
      Amount Contains in Chenna Dal
Calories 252
Total Fat 4.5 gm
Trans Fat 0 gm
Polyunsaturated Fat 1.8 gm
Mono-saturated Fat 0.9 gm
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 387 mg
Potassium 199 mg
Total Carbohydrates 42 gm
Dietary Fiber 11 gm
Sugar 7.3 gm
Protein 13 gm
Iron 9.9%
Calcium 6%






Moreover, many fabulous recipes can win any foodies’ heart related to Chenna Dal. Some of them are: –


Roasted & Powdered Chenna Dal – To make this, you only need half a cup of roasted Chenna Dal. Then you need to grind it until it becomes powder. Meanwhile, you are blending it using a grinder, you need to make sure to stop it in one or two mixes. So, it can be not much smooth & not much ruff. Now your roasted & powdered Chenna Dal is ready, and you can use it as required.


Soaked & Cooked Chenna Dal –

Firstly, it is one of the simplest recipes to make it eatable & tasty. To do that, you need to remove all the dirt & stones from the dal. Then to soak it, you have to first wash it twice from the water & then need to put it in warm water. After doing that for half an hour, you need to boil it in the vessel until it gets perfectly cooked. Finally, now you can enjoy it by adding some veggies as well as ingredients like salt & paper from above.




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