Black Kavuni Rice 1kg

Black Kavuni Rice 1kg

Black kavuni rice is commonly known by the name Emperor’s rice/ purple rice. The reason why it is called by royal terms is that it enriches the health and ensures longevity. It was used to prepare varieties of desserts during ancient times and it is called forbidden rice because she had to get consent from the royals to consume it, asit is believed that it cures almost all body related problems.





Black Kavuni Rice / Emperor’s rice 

Black Kavuni Rice is an indigenous produce from India’s Northeast region but its bulk production is in Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand.  It is also called “forebidden rice”.  The reason behind its second name is that Black Kavuni Rice once, years ago was produced just for Imperial Progeny in China to ensure a longer life. And thus its growth is not as cheap and simple as other rice variants’ that’s why cultivators (farmers) can’t afford to grow it sooner.  Today, varieties of Black Kavuni Rice are available in the market like Indonesian black rice, Filipino black rice and Thai jasmine black rice.

However, some 10,000 years back, Black Kavuni Rice was first grown in ancient China.  From such a single cultivation, the 2 species – Asian Rice and African Rice – were converted into countless cultivars.  It can be soaked to make an economical and quick dish at the same time, energy and money. This is also an array of rice kinds of species Oryza Sativa among those a few are glutinous rice. It’s real color is dense black after once cooked and turned deep purple.

Cultivation of Black kavuni rice

Black Kavuni Rice needs warm climatic conditions having a growing season of three to six months.  So, it is sown mostly in tropical zones of Asia where it gets a chance of thriving within an entirely sunny and watery atmosphere.  It is an indigenous production of India and in its North Black Kavuni Rice is cultivated.  Ancient transitory experience of farmers in India works well in its cultivation whose farming know-how teaches them about how to select soil, what fertilizers & pesticides to use and when to grow it professionally when it is theoretically evident that Black Kavuni Rice is also a naturally emerging.

Benefits of Black Kavuni Rice        

  • Black Kavuni Rice saves from diabetes & Cancer.
  • Confines radicals causing a number of diseases for instance, diabetes and cancer etc. as well.
  • Protects from Heart Disease.
  • Consists of a fund of antioxidant-anthocyanin but anthocyanin ratio is more as compared to other to other grains that helps keep you away from cardiovascular ailment.
  • It maintains eye, skin & Immune Mechanism.
  • Anthocyanin also enhances our brain activities reducing inflammation. All rice grains have to pass through processing or refining, It does not do so thus all its significant antioxidants like Vitamin-E that ensures maintenance of eye, skin health and immunity, remains unspoiled.
  • Regulates bowel & cure constipation etc.
  • Similarly, there is a reasonable amount of fiber that ensures to regulate bowel activities and to keep us away from constipation, diarrhea & bloating.  It also binds toxins & wastes in our digestive path, flushing out all of the mechanisms at the completion of digestion cycle.
  • Repels against cancer & diabetes
  • Confines radicals causing a number of diseases for instance, diabetes and cancer etc. as well.

Best Buy strategy

Black Kavuni Rice is one of the best channels of multiple nutrients. This diet ensures a healthy cycle of lifestyle too.  A big fund of antioxidants exists in this rice.  Same time it has uncountable properties like enhancement of heart health, safety of heart disease, eye health and weight loss.  We have to exercise a strict care of selecting their quality, quality of the product, freshness, economical and fair price.  However, first of all comes the best brands.  In purchasing, make a search for a deep black color variety.  Don’t preserve for long. Make it free from yeast and free of any moss.


A ¼ cup of this rice that once cooked measures ½ cup enjoys nutritional facts Calories = 173; Proteins =5 grams; Carbohydrates = 38 grams; Fiber = 3 grams; Sugar 1 gram and Sodium = 4 mgs.


We have a natural aesthetically pleasant & dainty dietary product. We should preserve cooked rice to be fresh for a period of 3 to 5 days within a container that should be fully airtight.  However, uncooked rice can linger on in a pantry for up to 6 months and in a freezer for up to 1 year’s period.  The Free portion in a freezer bag or freezer safe container may linger on up to 6 months.


  • North East India: Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand & Manipur
  • North China: Zhejiang
  • U.S.A. Not gown on commercial scale yet
  • Bangla Desh


As they contain countless Vitamins, Proteins and Minerals, so for longevity of life and keeping away from diseases. You can take this product as a diet for relish and upkeep of health.

Use Instant Utensil

Put 1.75 water cups in Instant Utensil. Cook in Pressure for 20 mnts give it 15-20 mnts to natural release. After this open the utensil with well-cooked grains. Serve them now.

Use Pressure Cooker

Soak it overnight then drain the water. Wash the grains one more time and use 1.75 cups of water. Put the pot in the pressure cooker till you listen to 4 whistles.  Now let the cooker cook to natural release & serve now.

Dishes of Black Kavuni Rice

  • We can make pudding with mango and coconut
  • Ramen with Garlic Matcha Chickpeas
  • Cold Ramen
  • Snack peas & Scallions etc.


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