A2 Cow Ghee (Desi ghee) 500ml

A2 Cow Ghee (Desi ghee) 500ml





A2 Ghee (Desi Ghee)

A2 Ghee (Desi Ghee) is superior to and healthier than all normal ghees acquired from A2 milk.  It also regulates digestion mechanisms.  Its texture looks grainy and is produced heating butter in slow but consistent flame for a relatively long time.  Because A2 Ghee (Desi Ghee)  is prepared from the components that can extract present in milk under the Bilona mechanism, it consists of a little milk quantity that converts it into lactose and casein-free.  A2 Ghee (Desi Ghee) has a variety of magical health advantages and is more expensive than common Ghee, but its Vedic is prepared from overseas, for instance, a Jersey breed that costs expensive.

Because being plentiful of Omega 3 fat (DHA) and Omega 6 (CLA), it may be some of the best weight-losing channels.  Omega 6 fats existing in it is one of the big channels of increasing the lean body when decreasing the fat mass.  However, what makes a distinct Ghee from all other regular Ghee exist in the market today is its higher price.  Despite being expensive as compared to others, it is worth buying.  Why? It meets all hygienic requirements of the human body.


The milk of cows, buffalo, goat sheep, and camels produces this ghee. A2 – we see A stands in A2 Ghee (Desi Ghee)  denotes the No. 1 Quality and 2 denotes the purest Ghee.  Thus, A2 becomes a symbol of its being the best Ghee in the market.  This title also refers to Desi Cows’ milk, which excels all species in potentials and properties.

We all know well today the most popular source producing Ghee is the latest technological cattle farming.  The cattle are kept in hundreds and thousands at a farm situated within the surrounding of a city for commercial purposes. They are fed and bred in a way that gives the owner maximum monetary benefit.  By breeding the best species and making the best mulching, they supply milk to the leading merchants and so make a profit of millions of rupees annually. Thus, the A2 milk is from such animals kept under entire medical and technological principles may be a proven reality of purity and health and so is the A2 Ghee (Desi Ghee).


  1. A2 Ghee (Desi Ghee)  right channel of antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals.  It ensures to maintain and rectify digestion mechanism.
  2. It possesses a big aptitude for enhancing immunity.
  3. Furthermore, it ensures decreasing inflammation
  4. It is a perfect healer of skin that is dry or burnt
  5. This ghee ensures treating multiple other human diseases and gives solutions to health problems.
  6. In every Indian household and partially Asian as a whole, it is a staple diet and an elementary cooking ingredient.  No matter a child or a pregnant mother, it is endorsed for each one as it makes our bones dense.


Switching over to one other alternative of a kitchen product, you have been consuming for years looks really next to impossible, however, switching over to a product that is chemical-free is a wiser decision.  For this reason, it is clinically endorsed, and also dieticians’ opinions second this as well.  Look for an authentic and credible brand of this ghee.  If and when you intend to purchase Ghee, keep in mind that there is no better variety than its Vedic Bilona.  You have nothing to check more but the affordability of your purse and pocket.  Also, here don’t need to check the purity or other patents of its  Vedic Bilona.


A2 Ghee (Desi Ghee)  plentiful of significant dietary nutrients, for instance:

Vitamin A (Retinol or Retinoic Acid) ensures enhanced vision, streamlines growth and cell division, and takes care of reproduction and immune mechanisms. Vitamin A possesses anti-oxidant traits.

Fatty Acid Omega 3 is one of the nutrients that ensure to fight Depression and Anxiety, promote eye health, improve brain health in pregnancy and early life, promote heart-based diseases risk factors, and decrease symptoms of ADHA within minors.

Linoleic Acid is a colorless to straw-colored liquid nutrient. A polyunsaturated fatty acid is an essential segment of human food.  Linoleic Acid is an octadecadienoic acid that entails two double bonds art at positions 9 & 12 and has Z (cis) Stereochemistry.


A hot and airy atmosphere does not ensure if Ghee stays fresh for a longer period of time.  When the hot season is at its peak, store it in an airtight container and slide it into a cool and dark cabinet.  However, keep its jar in the fridge as well to prevent it from spoiling in the hot atmosphere.

Pour it into a clean jar, the lid be as tightened as it does not let dirt or dust enter it.  Place the jar in a kitchen cabinet in a dark and cool room, no harm will occur to it.  In case you want to store it for a longer period of time by using it regularly, place it in your fridge.


Intake A2 Ghee (Desi Ghee)  at night daily, particularly with milk. It blesses a boost to your hair and skin.  It enjoys a smoke point of almost about 450 Degree Fahrenheit, which is more time than vegetable oil and butter.  At the time of cooking at high temperatures, it doesn’t release toxins by retaining nutritional components of the diet.


First, turn the A2 milk of the Desi Sahiwal cow in curd.  Churn the curd in the bilona, slowly heat the curd for the remaining water to evaporate and keep the fat.  Fat repeats another round and strains. Remove all milk solids, and leave only ghee behind.

Recipe Inspiration:

To make a chili Soy Sauce – Put Soy Sauce, Garlic Sugar, Ginger, and chili into a bowl.  Stir it, heat it over a high flame. Stir-fry cashews for 3-4 minutes, or till toasting.  Pour into a plate.  Add two spoonfuls of oil and now put oil remained behind to work. Swirl to coat and stir-fry the onion for 1 minute.

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