Who can Join the community?

If you are the person in-charge of health and wellness of the whole family, then you are in the right company. You could be a father, mother, son, daughter, grandparent or even a single. The community works-out best if the others in the family look upto you for healthy food and their wellness suggestions. 

How do I join the community?

You can sign up by providing basic information here Join us

Is there any charges for joining the community?

No. There is absolutely no charges for being a member with us.

What are the benefits of being in Yaadhum community?

You get to be part of a larger group of like-minded people who are in-charge of the family’s health and wellness. The knowledge sharing sessions are carefully curated to take the least of your time and the best value to you. You also get first priority to buy fresh groceries from trusted sources.

As a community member, what is expected out of me?

Our community expects you to be nice and gentle. Respect the viewpoint of others and contribute positively.

Who is eligible to participate in the grocery purchases?

Yaadhum gets its financial sustainability through sale of groceries. Anyone can purchase grocery. However registered Yaadhum Community members stand to receive priority alert on new and limited availability products.

Are the products completely organic?

We source chemical free, unadulterated products from small farmers who generally do not have the resources for organic certification. Yaadhum community trusts the producers than organic certifications. Our community champions network extensively with farmers, producers and identify the right people to source from. We look for producers who would consider us as their families and would only try their best to do good for all of us.

Where do you buy the products from?

Most of our purchases are from local producers within the district or from nearby district.

What are the cities you serve?

Our community is currently functional only in Madurai. People from other cities can buy our grocery. We send it to other cities through our logistics partners.

Is it mandatory for me to buy from Yaadhum to be a community member?

No. Buying is not mandatory to be part of the community. However, we encourage members to buy from Yaadhum and provide constant feedback.

I make an interesting product, can I sell to the community?

Most welcome to do that. We have a procurement policy which you need to meet. Also, we might not entertain products which are already sourced and listed. Our community champions will consult you and arrive at the decision.